What is IPR?

IPR is an abbreviation for Intellectual Property Rights. IPR is a term that refers to the protection of inventions and ideas through:

  • Patents (technical inventions)
  • Utility models (technical inventions)
  • Trademarks (logo, name)
  • Design (a product’s appearance)
  • Copyright (artistic and literary works)


In addition to these types of rights, IPR often encompasses business secrets and other types of value-creating knowledge. It may be important to manage other types of business knowledge, even if you are unable to secure legal protection.

Boostyourprofit.org is primarily aimed at companies with IPR experience that want to learn more about how IPR can be integrated into the company.

Do you want access to basic IPR information? Boostyouridea.org explains the basic terms.

Do you need assistance with an application process – the Danish Patent and Trademark Office can help. Are you facing a specific IPR challenge, then engage the services of a professional IP consultant.