Use the trademark correctly 

Here you can read examples on how to increase the likelihood of the company’s trademarks being used correctly.

Design and brand guide

Many companies have selected specific fonts, colours, logos, etc. to define the graphic appearance and identity of the company. Often, these selections are explained to employees and others in a guide showing how the various elements are to be used in different contexts. Elements relevant to brand protection can be added here.

For example, you can ensure that the company trademarks are used in the right form so you fulfil your user requirements and reduce the risk of the trademarks losing their distinctive characteristics. Clearly defined use also increases recognisability.  

Example 1:

MAINBRAND®, LOGO1® and SLOGAN® are our most important visual identifiers and are of great value to us, as our customers associate them with our products. We own the trademark rights and in order to ensure that we retain them and strengthen recognisability, the following must always be observed:

The company’s MAINBRAND® is always written in capitals, except when followed by ‘Ltd’. FONT1 or FONT2 are always to be used in advertising material. The company’s LOGO1® may only appear in red or black. Product names are always used together with the MAINBRAND® and subsequent ® symbol, and must never appear separately. Our SLOGAN® appears either directly below our MAINBRAND®, or at the bottom of the page. It must not be inserted in the body text.

Example 2:

ProductName® is always written with a capital P and capital N, followed by the ® symbol. The product must not be described or referred to solely using the ProductName® trademark – it must always be followed by the category name. This applies to advertising material, presentations and oral reference.


You can also make it clear to competitors, dealers, advertising agencies, potential partners and others how you intend to use your trademarks:

Example 3:

We are proud of our brands – TRADEMARK1® and TRADEMARK2®. They represent the quality we strive to deliver. Here you can read about how we relate to the use of our brands:

  • Deliberate copying and use of our registered trademarks and infringement of our copyright in connection with illustrations and instructions will result in legal action and a demand for compensation.
  • Copies deliberately intended to create confusion with our brand or designs will result in legal action if the products are not immediately withdrawn following contact with the infringer.
  • Gross or repeated misuse of trademarks by distributors in contravention of our brand guide will result in termination of the agreement.
  • Co-branding, where logos or designs appear in third-party advertising material or products, will not be tolerated unless subject to prior agreement.
  • The use of trademarks or design images is allowed on non-commercial websites as long as it is clearly stated that we neither manage nor support the website. 

Example 4:

TRADEMARK1® and TRADEMARK2® are owned by the company. When you enter into a dealer agreement for our products, you may use TRADEMARK2® in accordance with the following guidelines . The use of TRADEMARK1® is only allowed when we have entered into a specific collaborative agreement involving our expertise and where there is an agreement pertaining to royalties regarding the sale of the products in which the trademark appears.