Step 4

Implement and follow up 

A simple implementation process may include the following steps:

  1. The overall IPR goals and ensuring freedom of operation in the market – called Freedom-to-operate (established in step 2) – are approved by management.
  2. The processes, documents and policies that will underpin IPR goals (established in step 3) are decided and approved by management.
  3. Tasks – preparation, implementation etc. – are incorporated into an action plan with prioritisation, persons responsible, resources and a deadline for each point. Remember to agree on a follow-up plan, e.g. at each management meeting.
  4. When the points of the action plan have been implemented, management reconsiders the principles and the supporting elements, deciding whether anything needs to be changed. The follow-up procedure should be repeated at regular intervals so that the IPR effort is always in line with the business strategy.

Give careful thought to when the IPR effort can be incorporated into existing processes, documents and work routines. This makes it easier to ensure that the IPR use metches the company needs – and that your decisions are put into practice. For example, IP budgeting can follow the overall budgetary process, follow-up can be included with other regular management decisions, confidentiality guidelines can be included in the employee manual and there could be a permanent IP subfolder to each folder containing the documents of a project.