Step 1

Gain an overview of the situation 

There are several approaches to gaining an overview of the rights and relevant knowledge of the company. The following is a list of approaches that may be relevant for your company:

  • Prepare a list of rights, what countries they are valid in, when they have to be renewed, who is responsible for taking decisions and administration.
  • Identify value-adding knowledge:
    • Review the distinctive marks of the company – also at product level (brands, slogans, logos, colour combinations, sounds) and specify in what contexts these are to be used.
    • Review the unique designs of the company, looking at both products and packaging.
    • Review technical knowledge in relation to both products and production processes.
    • Also consider important know-how, methods, copy, etc.
  • Prepare a list of the company’s products and list the knowledge and the rights involved. Compare against finances – this can also provide an excellent starting point for your IPR budget.

Use these tools as a guideline – select those elements you can use and add others.

Overview of products and their protection

Overview of rights and their protection