Overview of knowledge and rights

There are several ways of gaining an overview of the knowledge and rights of the company.  For example, you can map and prioritise technical knowledge, designs and brands before establishing principles for the company’s IPR work and outlicensing guidelines. Use the overview, for example, to prepare a budget that can help to manage costs. A budget can also help to match expectations and anchor IPR in the company when knowledge and rights activities become a fixed budget item and thus an integrated part of the business.

The overview forms are Excel sheets with different fields that can be relevant for your company – add and delete to suit the needs of your company.

  • Do IPR costs match benefits? Offset turnover on products in different countries against the cost of rights protecting these products. Apply the same method to expectations before deciding – if at all – where and how to protect a product. Remember that a right may also have a strategic value for the company that extends beyond the products to which it pertains. For example, it may illustrate one’s value as a business partner or keep competitors away from adjacent markets.

Download overview of products and protection

  • What rights do we have and how do we intend to use them? Gain an overview of all rights. Add countries and decide whether it is relevant to note down the risk assessment [link til risikovurdering], licence guidelines, when they are to be renewed and who is responsible for renewal.

Download overview of rights and protection  

  • How much does it cost? An IPR budget should be adapted to the IPR needs and existing budget plan of the individual company, but here is an example.

Download budget form