Benefit more from IPR

A systematic IPR approach produces results – and this applies equally to small and large companies. In the following, you will find a series of examples showing how different companies have established an IPR strategy and integrated IPR into their business.

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Veterinary equipment manufacturer KRUUSE has been through a process of sorting out the numerous trademarks it used in connection with its different products.  The company has chosen to focus on the company name and product names such as Buster and Krutex while simultaneously assessing the relevant markets. KRUUSE is active in more than 100 markets, so it has been important to select the key markets in which to seek protection. Find out why it is important for Kruuse to prevent others from using the company’s trademarks and how Kruuse safeguards its revenue with IPR.

It will become evident in the bottom line that we have implemented international trademark registration to protect our trademarks against competitors or rivals attempting to register our trademarks at regional level. - Hans Alsted - Export Manager, KRUUSE
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LINAK, a major Danish company manufacturing electric actuators – for use in for example height-adjustable desks – vigorously pursues patents, trademarks and design protection in order to protect its markets. The company closely monitors it competitors infringe their IPR and has a clear procedure in place should an infringement occur. While LINAK always attempts to resolve IPR infringement cases amicably, it is prepared to take legal action. – Similarly, LINAK takes out patents to ensure freedom to operate. The company may decide at a later stage not to use the patent, but at least they have prevented a competitor from taking out the patent. Find out more from the interview, including why it is recommended that small companies are selective about what they patent.  

Had we not owned the patents, I’m convinced that LINAK would not be in business today.  – Claus Hegelund Sørensen, Senior Director, R&D - LINAK
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Fabrikators is a small Danish design and product development company that develops its own products – or develops products in collaboration with others – and manufactures them. Concept development is the core business for the company, who has also won a design award for its product series. The question of IPR is constantly on the agenda because everything the company develops is new and it would be easy for others to steal the idea and manufacture the same product. Fabrikators has also sold rights, and this is an activity which the company expects will generate greater revenue in the future. Find out more about Fabrikators’ attitude towards IPR and the importance of IPR to the company. 

We have made some lucrative deals as a result of owning rights and I’m sure there will be even more in the future. – Lars Forsberg, Managing Director - Fabrikators