The IP Strategic Dealer is the most active archetype when it comes to IPR and has the following characteristics:

  • Typically a major international company. Is focused on growth, on retaining a leading market position and keeping ‘market followers’ at bay.
  • Has strong innovative abilities and strategies for maintaining them. Systematically acquires new knowledge.
  • This company type is most commonly found in the pharmaceutical, IT and electronics industries.
  • Often situated in or close to major cities.
  • More than 80% of this type of company exports goods and derives on average approximately 37% of its revenue from exports.
  • Has, on average, a larger number of employees with a scientific background (Ph.D.) or an engineering background than the types of companies that do not work strategically with IPR – IP Rookies and IP Dealers.
  • Views IP as an important tool for protecting investments in product development.
  • Has a formalised IP budget and employs one or more trained employees dedicated to IP. All departments have a clear focus on IP management.
  • Uses a combination of rights to maintain its IP position and actively decides where to focus.
  • Integrates IPR decisions in development processes.
  • IP related decisions are made in collaboration with relevant departments.
  • Has an active in- and outlicensing policy to maintain IP position.
  • Maintains contact with international IP experts. 

 If IP Strategic Dealers want to enhance their IPR efforts, they can:

  • Consider which tasks should be internal and/or external.
  • Work to ensure continued IP focus throughout the organisation.
  • Appoint IP ambassadors within the company.


The IP Strategic Dealer’s characteristics have been identified from interviews with companies and by comparing questionnaire responses, accounting and employee data. This extract of results is based on Alkærsig et al (forthcoming): ‘Intellectual Property Rights Management – Rookies, Dealers, Strategists and Strategic Dealers’